Work Smarter Not Harder


Record Integrity's mobile enterprise applications bring real-time functionality to your existing timekeeping and calendar systems, solving costly issues like data accuracy, compliance and bottlenecks.



Solve Timesheet Compliance and Data Accuracy Issues with the RecordTime app

Eliminate Approval & Review Bottlenecks with the AnyTime app






Simple to Use - Easy to Deploy


Record Integrity apps work independently of your existing enterprise systems, so there are no integration issues, no extra costs, just quick and easy deployment. The intuitive interfaces are purposefully designed to enable and encourage daily use.


It's About Time


Enterprise tools that have meaningful impact on business processes (and ROI) tend to be large, complex and expensive to implement. Record Integrity apps are easy to install and focus directly on key (and common) revenue drains, providing immediate ROI without the cost and hassle.  It's about time - right?

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