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According to a 2014 AffinityLive study, an average of 735.5 hours of time goes unrecorded by employees every year.

At a billable rate of $150/hour, that's over $100,000 in unrecognized revenue PER EMPLOYEE.
The Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve shows that humans only retain 23% of what they learn after six days. This means it's impossible to be completely accurate with your timesheet if you're only completing it once a week. No wonder 96% of timesheets have incorrect data and filling out timesheets is one of the most disliked activities in the corporate world.
The RecordTime app solves this problem. It reminds you throughout the day to record what you're working on and the simple, intuitive interface lets you do so by voice or text that literally takes less than five seconds. You're able to stay on task while tracking your activity so you can complete your timesheet faster and with complete accuracy, whenever you do so - even two weeks later.
If you're unable to complete your timesheet, you can have someone else do it for you, because you'll have an accurate record of everything you worked on throughout each day that they can refer to.

:05 Seconds

That's how quickly employees can record their time by simply speaking to their phone. Because it's so quick and easy, compliance is high and data is accurate

15 Minutes

That's how long it takes an employee to fill out their timesheet when using the app, vs an average of 90 minutes without the app. That's an 80% savings in time and effort.

50 Percent

That's how often events in our calendars DON'T happen. The app verifies events to make sure the data used to complete your timesheets is 100% accurate.

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