The RecordTime App Tiered Pricing Schedule

The RecordTime app is priced based on the number of users:
$10/user/month for the first 100 users
$9/user/month for the next 300 users
$8/user/month for the next 500 users
$7/user/month for all remaining users


Few products offer the immediate ROI that the RecordTime app offers.
  • Employees using the RecordTime app complete their timesheet in 80% less time than without the app.
  • The value of getting accurate data into your ERP system is priceless.
  • Employees using the app have increased their billable hours by as much as 70%  by capturing previously unrecorded and under-reported hours.

Other Valuable Benefits

  • Improved employee morale - the most hated activity in the company (timekeeping) suddenly becomes a fun experience!
  • Agencies using the app have an advantage in new business pitches because they can show prospective clients how transparent their time tracking is.
  • Employees who need help getting their timesheets entered can now get help from Admins, Finance, etc. because all their time is recorded in their calendar for reference.
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