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Q: Where do I get a Corporate Code to access the RecordTime app?

A: The best place to start is with your manager. They should have received the Code from either the IT Department or the Finance Department (but this varies from company to company).  Alternatively, you can send an email to and we can advise you who to contact (and whether your company has a Code or not).


Q: When I record an entry in the RecordTime app, where does it go?

A: Entries are saved in whatever calendar(s) you've designated in Settings. 


Q: How do I change an entry once I've already submitted it in the RecordTime app?

A: View and edit submitted entries directly withiin the calendar(s) the entries are written to.


Q: How do I change the calendar that my entries are saved to in the RecordTime app?

A: The app Settings are accessed by touching the gear icon on the top right of the screen. Once in Settings, you'll see what calendar has been designated your Primary Calendar (the calendar that the app uses to verify events with you) and your Secondary Calendar(s) (the additional calendars that your entries will be recorded in). You can change these by just touching the calendar name which will open a list of all your calendars to choose from.


Q: What is the difference between the Primary Calendar and the Secondary Calendar in the RecordTime app Settings?

A: To ensure the accuracy of your data, the RecordTime app asks you to verify that events you have in your calendar (these could be meetings you've accepted or that have been placed on your calendar - or events you've entered yourself) actually happened. Your Primary Calendar is the calendar that RecordTime uses to verify events with you. Your Primary Calendar will also show the entries you've recorded through the app.  You can only have one Primary Calendar selected.  Your Secondary Calendar(s) are calendars that also show your recorded entries, but the app does not ask you to verify events in those calendars. Secondary Calendar(s) are often shared calendars with Admins or with Finance so that you're able to get help completing your timesheets if necessary.


Q: What if the calendar I want to use doesn't show up as an option in Settings?

A: The RecordTime app doesn't create any calendars - it only uses whatever calendars you already have access to on your device. If a calendar you want to use isn't showing up as an option in the app Settings, it's because you haven't given your device access to that calendar (you're probably using a separate app to access that calendar). Go to the Settings on your device and authorize the device to access that calendar and it will show up as an option.


Q: How do I change the frequency of the Notifications in the RecordTime app?

A: Notifications can be set for every 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 4 hours or once per day. We recommend every hour based on the Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve, but you should select what frequency works for you. To choose the same Notification frequency for every day, turn on "Use same time for each day" in Settings and select the interval you want by touching the Time & Interval entry (you can also set the Start Time and Stop Time for the app to operate each day). The Notification Interval is on the far right of your selections.  If you want different Notification Intervals, turn off the "Use same time for each day" switch and touch each day's selection to choose Start, Stop and Notification Intervals for each day individually.


Q: How do I see previous entries that I've made in the RecordTime app?

A: All entries are saved in your Primary and Secondary (if you've designated any) Calendar(s). You can see your entries by simply accessing those calendar(s) on any device.


Q: Can I print the entries I've made in the RecordTime app?

A: At present, you can print your entries by simply printing your calendar page. We're looking at adding the ability to print your entries via the app itself, though we really try not to duplicate features and functionality that already exist in other apps or programs.


Q: Why can you only record what happened in the past with the RecordTime app instead of what you're planning to do?

A: The RecordTime app is all about data accuracy. Unfortunately, only Hindsight is 20/20, so the RecordTime app only allows you to record what you've done because you can't change the past. The future, however, is incredibly unpredictable.  Try scheduling your day ahead of time in your Primary Calendar and see how often you're able to select "Yes" when RecordTime asks you if what you scheduled actually happened...


Q: My Notifications worked great yesterday, but today I haven't received any. What's up?

A: The RecordTime app needs to continuously run in the background to check your calendar for events, send you Notifications and record your entries.  If you shut the app down, you will continue to receive Notifications for the remainder of the day, but none the following day unless you open the app again. The app has a warning on the Home screen that alerts users of this, and if you close the app after making an entry, you'll receive an alert telling you to reopen the app if you want Notifications to continue working.  This is due to the iOS, and because we don't maintain two-way communication with your app for privacy reasons. Letting the app run in the background on your phone has no effect on your phone's operating performance.


Q: The RecordTime app keeps closing whenever I open it. What's wrong?

A: This tends to happen when you haven't updated your OS to the most recent version. Apple is particularly fond of pressuring users to update by shutting down app functionality. Updating to the most recent iOS usually solves this problem.


Q; Is there an Android version of the RecordTime app?

A: The Android version is being tested at the moment. It should be available in Q4, 2017.


Q: When will the AnyTime app be available?

A: "The only constant is change", but we're working toward having the AnyTime app in the App Store and available for use by Q1 of 2018.

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