Unleash the Power of Micro-Meetings
Unleash the Power of Micro-Meetings

Unleash the Power of Micro-Meetings

Too often the people who need to review work, approve work, etc. are tied up in back-to-back meetings throughout the day.  But are they really?  What about the meetings that end 15 minutes early?  The meetings that are cancelled at the last minute?  The meetings they didn't need to be in to begin with, so they just got up and left?


But their calendar still says they're booked...


The AnyTime app is the mobile equivalent of the request;

"I just need 5 minutes with you any time today".


With the AnyTime app, you can quickly see who needs just a few minutes of your time and what they need it for. You can then decide where you'll meet them for those few minutes - maybe in your office, in the kitchen, or maybe walking to go get coffee.  The decision is yours, but the benefit is universal because they'll get the brief time they need with you, you'll get more accomplished during your day and the organization will benefit from higher productivity from everyone.

The AnyTime app:

  • Allows you to decide who can request micro-meetings with you
  • Allows you to decide which micro-meetings you'll accept, when and where
  • Allows you to request micro-meetings with others
  • Makes every day far more productive and efficient - eliminating approval and review bottlenecks due to inaccurate/static calendar programs
  • Improves employee morale by improving work flow and access to decision makers
  • Does not require any interactions with existing enterprise systems


We would be happy to provide you with more details about the AnyTime and what it can do for your company. Contact us at 214.228.2231 or email us at: info@recordintegrity.com.

Email us: info@recordintegrity.com


Call us: 214.228.2231

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